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Breaking the Chains of Abuse

Boxes of Secrets

A gripping true account of overcoming abuse in a

“perfect” Christian home

A simple phone call, a volatile marriage

and impending financial ruin

An unsuspecting housewife finds herself

on the brink of disaster.

Struggling to maintain her perfect Christian appearance, not to mention her sanity, Veronica Wright received a phone call that would change her life forever. Only two months later she found herself in a counselor’s office unpacking her own boxes of secrets which contained horrors that few would have survived. Wrestling between family loyalty and the need to be free from such a line, she broke her family’s strict religious code of silence and places her trust in an unknown psychologist. In each heart-pounding session, she finds herself on a journey of discovery that was both liberating and chilling. Uncertain of the outcome, Veronica dares to take the leap of faith into the unknown that would cost her everything and in turn begin her life anew.

"I just wonder if you know what a sensational writer you are. I mean it. Your story is dramatic, yes, and telling it in narrative form is powerful but you have a gift for writing that, in my view, is exceptional."

~ Rich Buhler, Broadcaster, host of Talk From the Heart on KBRT AM740, Author and Speaker

“Completely riveting. I found it difficult to put this book down. Veronica’s courage to be brazenly transparent, and the recovering process she went through, is unprecedented.”

~ Pat Bradley, Founder and President, International Crisis Aid

“Provocatively haunting, it's and 'edge of your seat' thrill ride as Veronica leaves every chapter a 'cliffhanger'!  It's worth reading for any reader, but even more if you want to understand sexual abuse and what it does to a victim's heart, mind and soul --- from the inside!”

~ Stacie K.B. Maslyn, Author Gold Medallion “Mad Maddie Maxwell”

"I came across this book because it was on one of the same Kindle lists as my novel. I literally could not put it down, staying up through the night to read it. Though my book on this topic (familial sexual abuse) is fiction there were several overlaps, right down to some very similar lines and the same scriptural references - which gave me the chills. This is a unique and very important work about breaking the silence. Much as the author stood up and said "no more," it is time we as society take the same stand. I am hopeful that Veronica Wright will continue and expand her speaking about her past and how she moved beyond that past into a very different present for herself, for her children, and for her future generations. I would love to see her speak at a more national (and even international) level and to meet her in person one day."

~ Donna – Amazon Review

"This book is such an accurate account of the "world’s rules" and the truth of Gods rules! My life will forever be changed for the better after reading this. It has inspired me to seek the same light for my life by borrowing some courage from her story. You can't read this book and not be changed in some multitude. Everyone should read this. Especially those that struggle with a hidden past."

~ Brittany – Amazon Review

"This is a gripping and true story of molestation in a home where religion was used to cover up the horrendous acts of sexual violence. Each chapter leaves you hanging for what will come next in this child’s house of horrors. Recommended for any individual that has been victimized and looking for healing inspired by the writer."

~ Susan – Amazon Review

"…At first glance, I thought Mrs Wright's book would be filled with sensational details and Christian platitudes about "God's grace." Initially I feared this was just another gory-details memoir fabricated with the intent of creating stereotypes and giving thrills. I was proved wrong, however as I was pleasantly surprised by the author's concise and clear-headed dissection and documentation of her abuse, her family's twisted history and her own spiritual growth. She documents, in a style that remains narrative and personal, her mother's systematic narcissism and her brother's staged gas-lighting and abusive coping-mechanisms as well as her sister's jealousy and denial and her father's removed apathy. If you want to understand the lineage and dynamics of the secret lives of emotionally and physically incestuous families and how it sets up children for borderline/multiple personality disorder and fragmentation, memory lapses and re-victimization, etc, then this piece would be the case study.

Although I am no longer a Christian, and am, indeed, highly critical of Christianity and Christian authors, I was very touched by Mrs. Wright's transformation from one of the stereotypical, shallow "church wives" whom I so loathe to a genuine, transparent and compassionate woman, brave enough to face her deepest fears. Even though I do not agree with her religion, the way she writes about her faith is not preachy so much as therapeutic. I would heartily encourage other non-Christians who might be turned off by some of her religious rhetoric to bear with the story.

Otherwise, this is a satisfying read though one will wish the heroine's circumstances were otherwise. Mrs Wright does a very good job of balancing the hard facts about her upbringing and not bogging down the reader with too much of the gory and unnecessary details. She doesn't demonize her family nor does she sanctify herself. She tells her story in simple terms and unadulterated truths. She stands before you as herself, human and vulnerable, humble yet head-high. Overall, this is one of the best and most uplifting insights into the resilience of the human spirit that I have ever read."

~ Amazon Review (downsized version)