"Taking Action Against Human Trafficking
We can’t arrest it away
We can’t legislate it away
We have to stop it before it ever happens!"

Breaking the Chains of Abuse







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F.R.E.EFreedom Requires Education & Empowerment is an energetic and engaging workshop that educates and empowers our children in the prevention of human trafficking. Shockingly, human trafficking is very common in Orange County and the average age of a trafficked girl is between 12-14 years old. Our children are being picked-up (recruited) from schools, local shopping malls, parks and social media sites.

Due to the high risk factors facing our youth today, AFN provides a free educational program to help students develop healthy and safe relationships and become aware of the potential dangers that can accompany on-line friendships and other risky behavior.

Action Force Network is dedicated to educating our children about this issue.  Our workshop highlights the following:

• Attributes of a healthy relationship

• Warning signs of dangerous behaviors in a relationship

• Recruiting tactics used by the perpetrators

• Easy to implement safety practices

• Empowering friends


Veronica Stephens spoke to all 418 students of our SM sophomore class, over a period of 2 days. She was direct, informative, appropriate and relatable. Our parents emailed that her presentation laid the groundwork for some amazing and forthright conversations, at home, and they were grateful for her ability to make the issue of trafficking real and to provide teens with the insight to recognize predatory strategies and to equip them with the tools to defend themselves. She empowers young adults from becoming victims and to use their strong relationships with peers, in order to prevent their friends from being victimized. Our administration was so impressed that they are inviting her to return to speak to our juniors and seniors.

~ Margaret (Peggy) M. Hanley, Assistant Director, Campus Ministry – Christian Service

   Santa Margarita Catholic High School

"Teenagers are among the most difficult to reach audiences but Veronica's presentation was able to engage them in a way that held their interest for over 90 minutes. Her storytelling is phenomenal, her delivery of content was informative but never dry. I saw hands raised and lots of questions being asked. In short, she was phenomenal. Later that day, I overheard some of our teens still talking about some of the statistics and stories that she shared. We would love to have her back."

~ Daniel Meza, Senior Art Director, Change Agent Productions

"Word is out on campus that you will be back and how important and fabulous your presentation is, so be ready for a packed house!! I think we will be working with you on planning a presentation in our theatre as well soon!!!"

~ Kay Mueller, Villa Murietta High School Educator, Fashion/Child Dev.

"Thank you again SO much for your time and expertise yesterday.  It was such a powerful day for the kids.  They are still talking about it!  Even other teachers have said to me “I heard you had a really powerful speaker yesterday”.  So great to be educating this generation of the dangers.  Thank you for your work. I look forward to having you back next semester!"

~ Angie Tisdale, Health Teacher, San Clemente High School


"There is nothing I would change, this is a very powerful presentation."

"I really enjoyed the empowering presentation. This is the best I’ve ever heard."

"I think what I heard today will help keep me safe because I am aware of how to detect what is going on and how to bypass it."

"Now that I know more about what the predators do to get girls, I will take these clues and stay away from anyone like this."

Did you know…

• 300,000 American girls are at risk of being trafficked every year?
• Orange County is one of the leading counties in the US for trafficking?
• Only 7% of trafficked girls were abducted/kidnapped?
• Danger lies more often in the familiar acquaintances rather than the unknown stranger?

Trafficking is shockingly very common in California. The average age of a trafficked girl is between 12-14 years old. Girls are being targeted/recruited from schools, shopping malls parks and social media sites.

Action Force Network is dedicated to bringing awareness this issue. We offer a free energetic, interactive and engaging seminars that highlight the following:

• Victim Profile  - Why a sexual predator selects a particular child 
• Recruiting tactics used by the perpetrators
• Warning signs of a dangerous relationship
• Easy to implement safety practices 
• What a parent can do to protect their child/teenager
• What you can do to make a difference for a trafficked girl

We have given this presentation at church youth groups, public high schools, Christian universities and state universities.  We invite you to take advantage of this program by contacting us today to schedule this valuable workshop.


“Get Up. Give Back. Get Going.”

Veronica uses her powerful testimony to inspire other to Get Up. Give Back. and Get Going!  This energetic presentation captivates audiences and compels them into action to join the battle against modern day slavery. Veronica is an expert on the ravages of sex trafficking and how it is effecting this generation. Spreading awareness, she speaks at social justice conferences, high schools, churches, colleges and universities to help educate the public about this growing crime. She worked with the producers on the Dr. Phil Show as one of their primary resources for a program spotlighting sex trafficking in the US.


"Veronica not only has one of the most powerful testimonies I have ever heard, is not only one of the most gifted and passionate speakers I have ever had the pleasure of working with, but when she speaks she cuts through the hearts of those blessed to hear her story. Veronica has spoken at two different events for our organization, and both times I have been awe inspired at the response from those who hear her speak. Lives are changed, as the truth Veronica shares and the power in her testimony cuts even the hardest hearts. Forever Found is indebted to Veronica Wright for selflessly speaking at our events and sharing the deepest parts of her soul. She is a powerful speaker with a story that brings even the biggest skeptic to tears. There are no words to express how highly I recommend Veronica and her organization."

~ Shannon Sergey, President, Forever Found

"Veronica Wright has spoken for Orange Coast Christian Outreach Week on several topics, including sex trafficking and child abuse. Her content and speaking style is riveting. She will take you on a trip around the world into the dark streets of Ethiopia to touch the untouchable and rescue young girls from sex trafficking."

~ Pamela Curry, President, Orange Coast Christian Outreach, Inc. Non profit

"You sure know your stuff!!! And everyone was super, super appreciative of your talk today!!! They had no clue what was going on and sad though it was loved learning what you had to tell them they'd have listened for hours. Again, you did a fantastic job!! You just have an amazing way of presenting the information and capturing interest. I thank you with all my heart for giving of your time and talent."

~ Becky Karns, Newport Harbor Republican Women Action Committee


"Veronica has the amazing ability of completely capturing the attention of her audience and sparking passion in them. When I was President of the Generate Club, an AntiHuman Trafficking club at Tesoro High School, I was able to hear Veronica speak on multiple occasions shedding light on the harsh reality of human trafficking. On these occasions her audience laughed and cried all in a matter of 30 minutes. She is a truly gifted author, speaker and woman who has a big heart for people and the world around her."

~ Rachel Reed, Finding Freedom International