"Taking Action Against Human Trafficking
We can?t arrest it away
We can?t legislate it away
We have to stop it before it ever happens!"

Breaking the Chains of Abuse

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Boxes of Secrets (Workbook/Devotional)


Rising from the ashes of sexual abuse, Veronica teams with her therapist, Dr. Kim Paul Storm, to write a revolutionary workbook essential for any person suffering from the painful effects of childhood abuse. This comprehensive workbook will walk you through the four-step process to recovery; CONCEAL - REVEAL - DEAL - HEAL. Utilizing the truths of scripture, never before has such a beautiful blend of personal experience and clinical expertise been available for those in need of healing. This workbook will bring hope and restoration to you, as you confront and do the necessary work for your own recovery. It is a powerful tool for anyone ready and willing to unpack their past so they can live a lifetime of freedom.

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