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Breaking the Chains of Abuse

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Boxes of Secrets (Non-Fiction Novel)


Boxes of Secrets

A gripping true account of overcoming abuse in a

“perfect” Christian home


A simple phone call, a volatile marriage

and impending financial ruin

An unsuspecting housewife finds herself

on the brink of disaster.


Struggling to maintain her perfect Christian appearance, not to mention her sanity, Veronica Wright received a phone call that would change her life forever. Only two months later she found herself in a counselor’s office unpacking her own boxes of secrets which contained horrors that few would have survived. Wrestling between family loyalty and the need to be free from such a line, she broke her family’s strict religious code of silence and places her trust in an unknown psychologist. In each heart-pounding session, she finds herself on a journey of discovery that was both liberating and chilling. Uncertain of the outcome, Veronica dares to take the leap of faith into the unknown that would cost her everything and in turn begin her life anew.


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