"Taking Action Against Human Trafficking
We can’t arrest it away
We can’t legislate it away
We have to stop it before it ever happens!"

Breaking the Chains of Abuse

"The most effective way to combat sex trafficking is to prevent it from happening in the first place."

~ Veronica Stephens - Founder & President Action Force Network


Action Force Network (AFN) is dedicated to bringing Awareness and Education to our youth and communities regarding the fastest growing crime in America; Human Trafficking!  Through our F.R.E.E. Program, we provide awareness; educating our youth on the potential dangers that accompany online friendships, other risky behaviors and detail how the predators profile their victims. We equip students with safe and healthy relationship practices and empower them with ways they can better protect themselves. AFN is passionate and dedicated about educating our communities and working with local governmental agencies in bringing awareness campaigns to the residents in their region. Sex Trafficking will not be arrested away nor will it be legislated away, we have to stop it before it ever happens!