"Taking Action Against Human Trafficking
We can’t arrest it away
We can’t legislate it away
We have to stop it before it ever happens!"

Breaking the Chains of Abuse

For over 25 years Veronica Stephens, President of Action Force Network, has been a highly sought after speaker using expertise and humor to capture and educate her audiences about her message. Through her radio, TV and written interviews, plus her energetic live presentations, she has impacted millions with her story of survival from horrific sexual abuse.


While working as the West Coast Development Director for International Crisis Aid, she was educated on the issue of sex trafficking becoming an expert on this crime both globally and domestically. Her work led her to the red light district in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and to their safe houses where she was able to give her story and help the girls who had been rescued from that region. She worked with the Producers of the Dr. Phil Show helping to air a program about American survivors of sexual slavery.


She speaks at government agencies, high schools, universities, social justice conferences and churches, not merely educating her audiences about sex trafficking, but empowering them to get involved by using her E3 approach; “Educate, Equip and Empower”.  As a sexual abuse survivor, Veronica is passionate about helping victims of abuse by using her personal story and her faith in Christ as a message of hope and recovery.  In 2010, Veronica authored her first book, "Boxes of Secrets - A gripping true account of overcoming sexual abuse in a 'perfect' Christian home", which was re-published by Tate Publishing in 2015.  Veronica’s story of survival and work with victims was featured in 2015 by Joyce Meyers Ministries TV program impacting millions around the world.
Stop Sex Trafficking